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New World Immigration: Invest in affordable Portuguese Property
Portugal, and more specifically the Algrave region, is an investor’s paradise and South Africans have access to this country with a temperate climate and breath-taking too says Sarah Farthing, International Property Investment Consultant at New World Immigration. ...Read more.
Canada Weather Guide for Expats
Canada Weather Guide for Expats
Posted on 18 Dec, 2015
Though Canada is known for its fluid weather extremes from region to region, the four distinct seasons are the same. Winters tend to be long and cold; and surprisingly, expats should expect hot but short summers. Here is a guide to some of the more popular destinations. ...Read more.
Australian Agricultural Land for Sale?
Earlier this year, rules were put into place requiring foreign purchasers of agricultural land worth more than $15 Million to face the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) first. ...Read more.
What to Expect when Emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand
South Africans immigrating to New Zealand typically do so in search of a better quality of life for them and their family. ...Read more.
Expat interest in South Africa drives rental market
Expats are reporting that a shortage in rental apartments in Cape Town has meant that accommodation in the city is becoming more expensive. This is also the case in Zurich claims a global property rental index. ...Read more.
Off shore Investors could Benefit from the Portuguese Property Market
According to their data foreign investors are showing massive confidence in the Portuguese property market. ...Read more.
Top Five Places in Spain to Invest in Property!
Spain is doing very well right now in its luxury property market? It comes down to low prices and Spain’s banks’ willingness to offer very competitive mortgages. These two factors are attracting an increasing number of new buyers. This is good news for Spain as it shows a spectacular turnaround. Here are the top areas where most buyers are looking. ...Read more.
Why UK Nationals Retire and Buy Property in Cape Town
New World Immigration receives many inquiries from the UK regarding Retirement visas. We have noted an increase in our clients who also wish to purchase a property here. We can assist with both. Below discusses why UK Nationals are choosing Cape Town as the place to purchase and Retire. ...Read more.
Facts about Australia and Life in Australia
If you are planning to migrate to Australia, there are facts you should know. Here are some of them. ...Read more.
Why South Africans Continue to Choose the Portugal Golden Visa
South Africans continue to dominate the Portugal Golden Visa. Cascais and Lisbon are the two most popular areas where South Africans invest. While the overwhelming reason for purchase is to acquire residency, the high rental returns achieved form part of the equation. Here are the other main reasons. ...Read more.
South Africans Buy Property; Gain Residency
To date almost 100 South Africans have already bought property through us in Portugal ranging from the required Golden Visa investment threshold of €500,000 to over €1.5m. ...Read more.
Wealthy Indians and Global Property
Wealthy Indians and Global Property
Posted on 12 Nov, 2015
Although China dominates the market for citizenship through property investment, nearly half of the Indian high net worth investment portfolios is allocated to property. ...Read more.
Top Tips for Tenants Planning to Rent in Australia and New Zealand
Renting a property might mean less commitment than owning it but there is certainly still a lot of responsibility involved and it is always in your best interest to ensure that you know what to look out for. ...Read more.
Why Lisbon is the New Focus for European Property
The 2015 edition of Emerging Trends in Real Estate (the report focusing on 28 European cities) has placed Lisbon above London and Milan for most attractive cities for investment purpose. Below are the top reasons why Lisbon is great place for real estate and investors. ...Read more.
Renting Property in Australia; What you Should Keep in Mind
Renting makes perfect sense for the expat who is new to Australia, but besides being a schlep, finding a place to stay can be a logistical nightmare too. ...Read more.
What You Need to Know about Renting a Flat in New Zealand
Expats and migrants always find the big move to foreign soil an adventure and planning your accommodation in New Zealand is very exciting. ...Read more.
New Zealand: Growing Expat Interest in Nelson City
Expat house hunters are showing an increasing interest in New Zealand’s second oldest city, Nelson. ...Read more.
Expats do well living in Australia
Expats do well living in Australia
Posted on 26 Oct, 2015
Australia tops the list of destinations for expats from the UK, with – at the last count – over 1.27 million Brits living there. It remains a popular choice for South Africans too. ...Read more.
Factors Influencing Currency Strength and What Investors Should Consider
As global citizens who are able to shop in any country of the world with the click of a mouse, with options to invest our money off-shore - we are acutely aware of the value of our currency. ...Read more.
What Makes a Sound Property Investment?
Property investment has traditionally been one of the preferred ways for investors to ensure a good return on their income. But ensuring the property has the potential to generate a healthy income or return on investment is a science all on its own. ...Read more.
Falling Aussie Dollar Attracts Expat Interest in High-end Sydney Property
The downward trend of the Australian currency is said to attract more expats to Sydney’s prestige property market. ...Read more.
Investing in Australian Property?  What you need to know
The Australian government has enforced regulations with regards to foreign buyers purchasing property within the Federal borders. This legislation was passed as part of the Australian governments approach to secure affordable housing for Australian citizens. ...Read more.
Canada’s Longer Visitor Visas Encourage Foreign Real Estate Ownership: UDI Panel
The Canadian Urban Development Institute held its first panel discussion on foreign ownership in Vancouver earlier this month and it seems that Canada’s new 10-year visitor visas have indirectly increased foreign property ownership. ...Read more.
Off-shore Property Investor Demand for Portugal’s Algrave Region Likely to Grow
With its miles of beaches, numerous golf courses and mild climate, the Algarve, on the southern coast of Portugal, has been attracting holidaymakers and second-home buyers since the 1970s. ...Read more.
Urbanisation and Growing Disposable Income: Stimulating Sub-Saharan Africa’s Retail Sector
Rapid urbanisation, population growth and an undersupply of formal retail space continue to drive growth in the retail sector across Sub-Saharan Africa. ...Read more.
Perth Property Holds Good Value for Investors
Property investors priced out of Sydney and Melbourne are expected to start looking to the Western Australia capital of Perth. ...Read more.
Wealthy investors Prefer Buoyancy of Offshore Residential Real Estate
“Everybody, whether rich or poor, lives in houses, and we all have a passion for the residential market. If you start getting into other types of property, it becomes more complex." ...Read more.
Offshore Investment in Australian Commercial Property Soars
Offshore investors dominated commercial property sales activity in Australia in Q3, snapping up over half of the $8.6 billion in property traded during the period according to new CBR ...Read more.
Things to Consider for Expats who Decide to Stay and Retire
Expats come and go, but for some, they decide to stay permanently in their current country. Here are some tips to consider if you plan to retire as an Expat. ...Read more.
Portugal: best performer in European commercial property markets upward trend
European commercial property markets are reporting an upward trend of more than 29% in 2015 from 2015. Confidence in this market is further substantiated by investment volumes for 2015 which are forecasted to reach €230 billion making 2015 the best year since the markets last peaked in 2007. ...Read more.
Portugal Among the world’s most affordable expat retiree destinations
If you are ready to retire and living the expat life appeals to you keep on reading. The newly published list of best places to retire to has been published and New World Immigration is specialists for one of the most popular destination – Portugal! In fact so popular that this country beat other serious contenders, placing 9th overall, ahead of New Zealand, France, Ireland, Australia and the US! ...Read more.
Considering investing in offshore properties
France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland are all breaking onto the offshore investor’s dream-list. These countries have recently shown a surge in foreign investors interested in owning second and holiday homes, in what is considered some of the world’s best holiday destinations suiting every taste. ...Read more.
Australia places third on list of favourite property hotspots for international investors
Although international sharemarkets have been revving in the red, investors have pumped close to $30 billion into all types, sizes and value properties. ...Read more.
China’s market crash could be opportunity to invest in Australian property
After the Chinese stock market suffered its biggest one day loss since 2007, plummeting 8.5%, on Monday world media have dubbed it "Black Monday". The ripple effect has been felt across the globe. ...Read more.
Property trends show significant increase in international property investment since the 2008 global recession
Today property has become the new currency and features increasingly in the investors’ income portfolio. Since the 2008 financial crisis, real estate has become a great deal more attractive to the buyer interested in offshore investments. ...Read more.
Now is the best time to invest in property in Portugal
European property has this year become more attainable and more affordable than ever says international property analysts. ...Read more.
The 2015 property trends of various list real estate markets in the year ahead will depend on a number of factors, including the outlook for economic growth and interest rates says a report by SA Real Estate Investor. ...Read more.
Owning Portuguese property qualifies foreign nationals for Portuguese citizenship
If you are interested in obtaining a Portuguese residency permit and owning property in one of Europe’s most affordable hot spots you can kill two flies with one stone. ...Read more.
Investing in property in Portugal makes perfect sense
One of the world’s oldest European countries Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. Portugal is one of the most competitive countries in the global property market. ...Read more.
What to expect of international property trends in 2015
International property megatrends as reported on by Price Waterhouse Coopers identified some of the major global property trends. One of which will see a significant growth in the middle class section which will have a direct effect on urbanization and impacting property accordingly. ...Read more.
Investing in Australian property gives you an immigration advantage
Experts agree that immigration has had positive effects on the Australian property market. In fact, one of the most significant trends in the Australian property market over recent years, they say, has been the growing number of immigrants buying and renting properties in the country. ...Read more.